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Shine On Yoga Vision 

An Innovative Space for Self-Healing and Self-Realization. Bridging ancient healing arts with modern culture through experience, education and research.

We serve the multi-dimensional Self (mind, body, spirit) to assist each individual in accessing freedoms of an embodied existence - heart-centered living, health, vitality, peace and inner wisdom to support a thriving community of conscious minds and awakened hearts that care for the land and honor the ancestors guiding our journey.

Shine On Yoga Mission 

We exist to serve and transform the individual, community and world by ~

1.    Placemaking, creating safe spaces that connect us rather than separate

2.   Guiding, navigating all spaces multi-dimensionally; assist an individual in awakening to their fullest potential

3.    Thriving, creating enough space to respect each individual and their sense of purpose here on earth

4.   Nurturing, inspiring and empowering bodies, minds and spirit

5.    Honoring, social responsibility, re-connecting with our land and ancestors, honoring our resources and celebrating the abundance of all that we have been given


Together we will Mobilize a toolbox of ancient healing arts that teach us how to Serve something bigger than our self, learning how to live and be in community, honor the earth and be conscious of our resources, Seeing the beauty in all things and awakening the inherent unlimited Human potential.