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Restorative Yoga
Friday 7:00 - 8:15pm
Shine On Yoga

There are poetic descriptions that capture the beauty and essence of Restorative Yoga... "Grounding and support of restorative poses" "Flow of circulation" "Glow of internal resolution" "Rippling Oscillation of breath" and "expansiveness of mind and heart" Looking closer at these expressions you can see they represent the five elemental powers of creation. As such, it's no surprise they are speaking the language of Ayurveda.

As with all forms of yoga, there are aspects that help us physically, mentally and spiritually. Restorative yoga takes us deeper into our elements (bhutas), moods (gunas) and constitutions (doshas) allowing ourselves to reconnect with the world. Restorative yoga offers something for every dosha. However, it primarily focuses on vata since vata is responsible for all movement, communication between tissues and organs and physical basis for thought. Not to mention every imbalanced condition begins with some type of vata action. Restorative yoga will teach you how to rest and relax deeply, completely. It uses a series of movements and poses to relieve chronic stress, build spinal health, stimulate and soothe the internal organs. It will balance and align the body's energy centers through breath, sound, deep relaxation and end with a guided meditation.

Take the time to thank your body for how hard it works for you. Give your body the gift of rest, relaxation and health it needs and deserves.


Teacher: Amber Melendy
Price: 15
Location: Jammin Drum Shop in Deland , 119 N. Woodland Blvd