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Class & Session Prices

What is Donation Based Yoga?

At Shine On Yoga, we value our Space, Services and our Community.  Our current worldly state of affairs leaves us in a bit of a conundrum in pricing our classes.

We want our classes to be available to everyone 

AND we want all of our teachers to thrive in all aspects of their lives

AND we want to keep our beautiful Space

The love and commitment we put into our classes here at Shine On is invaluable. So we've decided to leave it up to you to Consciously Value our Services.

The suggested donation pricing is a sliding scale between $10-20. Our single class price in the past was $15. Use the following price points as a guide and please be conscious of the energy exchange. No one is turned away because of money.


***Cash Only Please***


A Note about class passes: We recognize it’s nice to purchase a chunk of classes and not think about payment every time, so we’ve decided to bring our class passes back!


Thank You for your support! We love to share our services with you!


Pricing Structure

Single Class - $10-20 (Our Value - $15)

5 Class Pass (No expiration) - $65 / $13 per class

10 Class Pass (No expiration)- $100 / $10 per class

Monthly Unlimited Class Pass $140

3 Month Unlimited Class Pass $360

6 Month Unlimited Class Pass $600

$16+  { when you wish to support others }

Those who can give more help balance out those who have less to give. We thank you for supporting our intention to offer our classes to our entire community.

What Else Do You Need To Know

·       Very soon you will be able to sign up and pay online

·       We will start taking credit cards for all sales $10 and over. if you are donating less than $10 please bring cash.

·       Support all of our teachers who are making yoga more available by spreading the good word 

·       A BIG hug and gratitude to YOU for being super Awesome! We love you!