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Shine On Kids

Shine On Kids
A sacred place for growing hearts, bodies and mind


Our literacy-rich, play-based early childhood program provides children the opportunity to play, explore and imagine their world in a loving environment filled with natural materials. The main emphasis is placed on developing imagination and creative thinking skills. This program is strongly influenced by Waldorf Pre-school, Yogic & Native American Teachings.

  • Daily activities provide a comfortable and reliable rhythm, including movement, poetry, singing and puppet plays
  • Teachers tell nature stories, folk and fairy tales from around the world
  • Children experience artistic activities such as watercolor painting, drawing, beeswax modeling, music and movement
  • Other activities may include gardening, food preparation and handwork
  • Through the example of the teacher, the students develop social skills and reverence for the world around them


9:30-  10:00         Free Play and daily tasks

10:00-  10:15         Prepare for snack and circle

10:15-10:30        Circle Time

10:30-11:00       Snack/clean up snack

11:30-12:00       Daily Activity/Clean up room

12:00-12:30       Outside Play & Story Time


The day's activities unfold in an unhurried way with each day following an established rhythm, giving the child a sense of security and consistency. We believe in nurturing the child's bodies both inside and out. The rhythm of the day is such that a child is able to breathe in a healthy way. For example, in the morning the children enter into "free play" (out breath) and subsequently transition into circle time (in breath). The movement of the breath also allows the child's body to relax, freeing up his or her ability to be present each moment. The teachers provide a constant movement from one breath to the next which permits healthy growth of the child. In addition to daily rhythms, we coordinate our activities on the seasonal rhythms of the year.


Tuesday & Thursday

The day runs from 9:30-12:30 PM. 3, 4 and 5 year olds are welcome to apply (must be 3 years old by December to apply). They must be potty trained. Only 5 children will be accepted into our program. A beautiful space awaits your little one. Healthy organic snacks and soups are provided. We value childhood and we look forward to nurturing your whole family.

Program runs from September 3, 2013 - December 17, 2013. Call for tuition and fees.

For more information call (407) 963-1956 or email


Program Guide: Amber Melendy

I love children. Their embodiment of love and light is closest to God. Spaces for our children must be sacred and inspire their imagination, intuition, creativity, beauty and curiosity. The star inherent in each child needs to be nourished. In our Waldorf inspired program, we support the child's head, heart and hands. We consciously engage the spiritual world to support healthy thoughts, feelings and actions that open us up to the higher dimensions within ourselves.

Love is all we need. My passion is creating sacred spaces that uplift, inspire and empower myself and others. This passion has led me across several paths including freedom and restriction, faith and doubt, peace and chaos- to name a few. Through the contrast of duality, I have learned an appreciation of the dark and an awakening to the light. I choose acceptance, appreciation and surrender - and do my best to stand in the center where there is no judgment or attachment, and witness the play of dark and light. I honor all aspects of creation and recognize the tremendous blessing it is to be a spiritual being having a physical existence. The growth and love that we can taste here on earth is exquisite. Learning together in spiritual community is the greatest gift we can give and receive here on earth. I look forward to creating this with your family and feel honored at the opportunity to support your child.

I love to create, play, breathe and meditate and feel extremely blessed to be a mother and a wife. Thank you God!

All parts of me honor all parts of you. Namaste.


Owner of Shine On Yoga and Energy of Service - and 


Ashtanga/Sivananda/Kundalini/Anusara Yoga Teacher

Meditation/Breathwork Guide

Jikiden Reiki 1 & 2

3rd Degree Usui Reiki

Theta Healing® Practitioner

Mystery School - Adept and Teacher of Light Initiation

DNA Life Activations

Pranic Healing

King Salomon Healing Modality

Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church

Ordained Minister with Light Wing Center


Other Services Offered

Yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings

Life Activations

Distance Healing

Energy Healing

Pranic Healing